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Linehaul Bootcamp

Linehaul Solutions actively supports new contractors with its Linehaul Bootcamp. This online program is tailored to equip all incoming contractors with the essential training and expertise necessary for achieving success as FedEx contractors.

Covering a diverse array of topics such as safety training, recruitment procedures, business operations, and other vital aspects of running a FedEx Linehaul business, the Linehaul Bootcamp ensures that new contractors gain a thorough understanding and overview of the intricacies involved in successfully operating a FedEx Ground Linehaul business.

With courses like...

Settlement Statements

As a linehaul contractor, it's important to understand the settlement statements you receive from FedEx so that you can identify any discrepancies and ensure that you are being paid accurately for your services.

* Exclusive to Linehaul Solutions Clients


Do you want to ensure the safety of your drivers and the public while growing your business? Then, you need to know the three most critical safety concerns that every linehaul business owner should be aware of.

* Exclusive to Linehaul Solutions Clients


Are you tired of feeling lost and confused about the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our course is specifically designed to provide you with a deep dive into IFTA, equipping you with all the necessary details you need.

* Exclusive to Linehaul Solutions Clients

Hours of Service

Once your linehaul business is up and running, we'll continue to support you with a range of services. From VEDR management to ensure compliance with safety regulations to providing you fleet settlement report analysis, we'll help you stay on top of your game and grow your business.

* Exclusive to Linehaul Solutions Clients

....And many more!

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