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ATRI Launches Survey to Uncover Barriers Faced by Women Truck Drivers, Addressing Workforce Shortages and Safety Concerns

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Photo Source: Business Insider

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is actively conducting a survey aimed at uncovering the perceived barriers to entry for women truck drivers, seeking insights from both female and male truckers. 

The survey, which is part of a broader initiative to address workforce shortages and enhance safety for women drivers, will not only explore challenges faced during training, on the road, and at parking facilities but also analyze and compare these challenges specifically experienced by women drivers.

This research initiative was identified as a top priority by ATRI's Research Advisory Committee, recognizing its significance in addressing industry concerns and finding ways to increase the representation of women in the trucking profession. 

The survey delves into various aspects of driver perspectives and experiences, covering considerations when contemplating a career in truck driving, challenges encountered during the process of obtaining a commercial driver’s license, difficulties faced on the job, and insights from those who have exited the industry.

Truck drivers are encouraged to participate in the confidential survey, accessible online, with the submission window remaining open until February 2. 

The valuable feedback collected is expected to contribute crucial data for industry stakeholders in devising strategies to overcome barriers, promote inclusivity, and foster a more supportive environment for women pursuing careers in trucking.

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