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Top-10 Must-have Items to Keep Truck Drivers Happy

Relaxing in truck

Embarking on the demanding journey of a long-haul trucker requires strategic preparation. Ensuring your truck is equipped with the right tools and accessories can make a substantial difference in the success and comfort of each trip. This guide outlines essential must-haves across various categories, providing insights into why each item is crucial for a trucker's journey.

Practical Hand Tools

1. Pin Puller

Every seasoned trucker understands the significance of pin pullers as a safety and convenience tool on the road. Its simple yet critical function makes it a must-have tool for any trucker. Indeed, it is a much better way to start or end a day on the road with the perfect length of pin puller that saves truck drivers from unwanted truck greases and excessive shoulder and back stretches

Michael Smith and a Wright Transportation driver underscore how the tool diminishes stress on shoulders and back, streamlining the task with ease. The demonstration vividly contrasts the conventional, risk-laden approach with the safer and cleaner utilization of a pin puller. This shift minimizes the risk of injuries, ensuring a smoother initiation or conclusion to a trucker's day on the road.

2. Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Navigating the intricacies of a truck's drivetrain and suspension requires precision. The Telescoping Inspection Mirror offers a 360-swivel joint and LED illumination, aiding truckers in inspecting hard-to-reach areas. This tool is a game-changer, providing visibility in darkness and adverse weather conditions, ultimately contributing to the overall safety of the journey.

Comfort in the Cab

3. Sunglasses

Beyond the aesthetics, sunglasses are essential for protecting a trucker's eyes from harsh glare and UV rays. Opting for polarized lenses not only adds a touch of style but also mitigates fatigue, eye strain, and headaches during prolonged hours on the road. An extra pair is recommended – a small investment for maintaining clear vision and focus.

4. Seat Cushions, Mattress, and Bedding

It is simple science that sitting for long hours will take a toll on your lower back because of gravity. Seasoned and new truck drivers will not be able to escape this unless they make conscious efforts to avoid this– from doing stretches in intervals to investing in seat cushion purchases. 

There are never-ending threads on driver forums that talk about tips on how to alleviate this unwanted back pain.

Driver forum

Truck driver forum

Indeed, long hours behind the wheel can take a toll on a trucker's lower back and sciatic nerves. Seat cushions provide crucial support for enhanced comfort during extended drives. While not a substitute for professional medical advice, it serves as a valuable aid in promoting well-being during extended periods on the road.

Bonus: Transforming the cab into a haven of comfort is essential for truckers taking breaks and resting. A mattress and bedding not only enhance the sleep environment but also contribute to overall well-being. An electric blanket adds an extra layer of warmth during chilly nights, making the truck's cab a more inviting and restful space.


5. GPS

It is no secret that navigation is a cornerstone of successful trucking journeys. A reliable GPS becomes a trusted companion, providing the quickest routes and locating essential stops, restaurants, stores, and hotels. A well-chosen GPS is an indispensable tool for efficient and stress-free navigation, enabling truckers to optimize their routes and manage their time effectively.

6. Table Mount Holder

In the dynamic environment of a moving truck cab, securing smartphones and GPS devices can be challenging. Truckers should be able to find a mount that stands out with its rugged, fold-out arm, ensuring stability on bumpy roads. Mounts must have a solid, pivoting arm, capable of withstanding the jostles and bumps of challenging terrains, ultimately enhancing accessibility and safety for truckers.

7. Volt USB Outlet Charger

The lifeline of modern trucking relies heavily on electronic gadgets. Keeping these devices charged throughout the entirety of a trip is non-negotiable. Volt USB Outlet Charger, designed for 12 Volt systems with a fuse, provides a worry-free solution, ensuring truckers stay connected and informed without the fear of a dead battery disrupting their journey.

8. Cellphone Signal Booster

Maintaining strong and reliable cell signals is paramount for communication and connectivity on the road. Cell phone signal booster excels in picking up weak signals, amplifying them, and distributing the enhanced signal within the cab. Beyond facilitating calls and texts in previously challenging areas, it improves data transfer speeds, mitigating concerns about dropped calls or slow uploads and downloads.

Cooking on the Road

9. Portable Stove

For truckers without the luxury of a fully-equipped sleeper cab, sourcing good food on the road can be challenging. Truckers should find a compact device that plugs into 12-volt power outlets, which serves as a culinary companion. Efficiently heating frozen food, soups, and stews, it offers a practical solution for those seeking a warm and hearty meal during their journeys.

10. Electric Cooler and Warmer or Ice Chest or Compact Refrigerator

In the world of trade-offs for space, Electric Cooler and Warmer provides a versatile solution. Ideal for those without a fully modern sleeper cab, it operates with both domestic AC and vehicle 12V DC. This single-unit solution allows truckers to keep their favorite beverages cold or warm during their meals, ensuring they have access to refreshing drinks and a variety of food options.

Expanding dietary options become a luxury with an ice chest or compact refrigerator. A vital addition to getting a healthier and more varied diet on the road, it opens up possibilities for storing perishable snacks, fruits, vegetables, and other items that contribute to a balanced and nourishing diet during long journeys.


11. Bonus! Truck Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a clean and organized truck cab is essential for a trucker's well-being. Essential truck cleaning supplies include paper towels, wet wipes, an all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant spray or wipes, a dashboard conditioner, an air freshener, and a handheld vacuum. These supplies not only contribute to a fresh and inviting cab environment but also promote overall hygiene and comfort during long hours on the road.

An untidy truck interior can be more than an eyesore; it poses a direct threat to safety. Clutter, misplaced items, or obscured visibility can quickly turn into distractions, diverting attention from the road ahead. In the dynamic world of trucking, where split-second decisions matter, a clean interior is not just about aesthetics; it's a strategic choice for minimizing risks and ensuring every journey is a secure and unimpeded passage toward success. 

Equipping oneself with these must-haves goes beyond mere convenience; it's an investment in safety, well-being, and overall success on the challenging roads traversed by truckers. Creating a checklist for each trip ensures that no essential item is overlooked, contributing to a smoother, safer, and more comfortable journey. As you navigate the highways, may your truck be well-stocked and your travels be both successful and satisfying. Safe journeys!


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