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U-Haul Truck Robbery Ends in Dramatic Police Pursuit and Arrest in Franklin

U-Haul Truck Robbery Chase
Photo Source: Daily Journal

A U-Haul truck, previously involved in a Target store robbery at Emerson Avenue and Southport Road, led Franklin Police on a wild pursuit. 

Officers, alerted by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, spotted the truck at a gas station, initiating a stop that resulted in the driver fleeing. 

The pursuit unfolded on I-65, involved U-turns, and traversed surface streets, including the back of Northwood Elementary School's playground.

Heading south on US 31, the U-Haul collided with two cars, forced another off the road, and got stuck at the Jefferson Street intersection. 

The suspect, Troy Bradford Jr., abandoned the truck, attempting unsuccessfully to enter another vehicle. Bystander video captured Bradford Jr. running behind a CVS pharmacy, with officers in pursuit. A state trooper deployed a taser during his arrest.

Troy E. Bradford
Photo Source: Daily Journal

Initially believed to have used a gun in the Target robbery, investigators later discovered it was an airsoft pistol. 

Bradford Jr. was checked at the hospital and booked into Johnson County Jail on charges including attempted robbery, leaving the scene of an accident, resisting law enforcement, and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. 

Despite the incident's online virality, Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran confirmed no injuries to officers or citizens during the pursuit.

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