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Here at Linehaul Solutions, we are truly committed to fully supporting you in growing your linehaul business. 

I'm Morgan!

Hey there!


My name is Morgan, and I am your linehaul expert! 


I'm ready to help you foster success and achieve operational excellence in linehaul.


Just call me your linehaul extraordinaire! I'm like a superhero, but with way better fashion sense!

Professional Background

I began my career in the logistics industry as a part-time package handler in October 2009.


From there, I was promoted to an Arrival and Departure (A&D) Clerk, where my responsibilities included overseeing freight dispatch to the Post Office.


In 2015, my journey led me to Pennsylvania, where I assumed the role of Logistics Manager for FedEx SmartPost, overseeing the shipping department.


My career took an exciting turn in 2018 when I became a Linehaul Manager at the newly opened LEHI hub.


There, I built the linehaul operation from scratch, a challenge I am proud to have undertaken.


By 2020, my dedication and commitment to work saw me advance to become a Senior Manager for the LEHI terminal.

Why Linehaul Solutions

Fast forward to the present, and I am now proud to be a part of Linehaul Solutions LLC. What drew me to this company is our shared passion for the industry.


I deeply admire Rick's commitment to showing people how to run their linehaul business with ease, efficiency, and profitability. His vision resonates with my own, and it's one of the primary reasons I chose to lend my expertise to Linehaul Solutions LLC.


Now, as your resident expert, I'm excited to work closely with you, offering the benefit of my years of experience to help your business thrive. Let's connect and start the journey to success!

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My Numbers


Years in
the US Linehaul Industry


Years as a
Terminal Manager


Key Roles
in US Linehaul Operations


2x Linehaul Manager of the Year

Fun Stuff About Me!

morgan portrait 6_edited.jpg

I dive deep into happiness, as scuba diving is my ultimate passion.

morgan portrait 5.jpg

I want to travel around the world, & see amazing places!

morgan portrait 1.jpg

I swing through life with my favorite hobby: playing golf.

morgan portrait 8.jpg

I want to be part of a Search & Rescue Team with my dog.

How I Can Help You


Operational Efficiency

Morgan can provide insights & practical strategies to improve linehaul contractors' operational efficiency like route planning, loading and unloading procedures, and communication.

Regulatory Compliance

Morgan can provide guidance on ensuring that your linehaul operations comply with industry regulations and standards. This will help you avoid costly fines or penalties and maintain your reputation in the industry.

Business Development

Morgan can assist contractors in identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities. She can advise on everything from expanding into new markets to developing partnerships with other businesses.

Staff Training and Development

Morgan's experience in leadership positions could be invaluable in helping linehaul contractors develop their staff's skills and abilities. She could offer advice on training programs or strategies for cultivating a productive and positive workplace culture.

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