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Florida Firefighters Save Trapped Truck Driver Dangling from Overpass: Miraculous Rescue Caught on Cam

Florida firefighters rescue a trapped truck driver dangling from an overpass.
Photo Source: Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

In a daring rescue operation on Saturday, firefighters in Palm Beach County, Florida, successfully saved a truck driver entangled in wreckage, left suspended from an overpass above a bustling highway. 

The riveting incident, documented in a video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, unfolded after the driver of an 18-wheeler lost control, sending the truck over the edge of the Palm Beach Gardens overpass amid heavy rainfall.

“Amazing video of the rescue of trapped 18-wheeler driver left hanging off the overhang from earlier today,” PBC Fire Rescue said. 

Captured in the gripping footage shared by PBC Fire Rescue, the rescuers systematically secured the overturned rig before employing a ladder to reach the stranded truck driver.

The driver harnessed for safety, was skillfully extracted and brought to solid ground. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue emphasized the fortunate survival of the individual, affirming that he has been discharged from the hospital.

"PBCFR Firefighters raise the bucket from Truck 29 to reach the trapped driver. Once our firefighters secure him to a harness, they help him climb into the bucket,” the agency said. "Truck 29 slowly lowers him to the ground to be transported to a local hospital. About 36 seconds into the video, he thanks the heavens for his safe rescue from this precarious situation."

"The firefighters were only able to get to him after Engine 23 and Rescue 23 secured the 18-wheeler with a grip hoist, grade 100 chain, and six-inch vehicle strap cribbing, straps to keep the massively heavy vehicle

 from rolling any further forward,” it added. 

The statement concluded that the driver was "very lucky to be alive", adding "We are grateful to be able to get him back to his family for the holidays."

The heart-stopping video has garnered substantial attention, amassing thousands of views along with numerous comments and expressions of gratitude towards the commendable efforts of the firefighters.

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